Host A SKILLS Sport-Dance Teacher Training Seminar


If you wish to host a SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Teacher Training Seminar, please compete the form below. Locations should be available within a 15-mile radius a major city in a state and accesible to Amtrak or a major airport. Call 781-742-3173 if interested in hosting, clinics can be held ANYWHERE USA.

All On-Site In-Person Studio Hosted Seminars Are Scheduled Friday During The Summer Of 2020 Unless Hosting Facility Requests A Different Weekday. Call Us If You Wish A Different Weekday.


Facility Hosting Requirements

  • One-Two Large Dance Classrooms (Able to Accommodate Up To 25 Attendees) With One Blank Wall

  • Facility Parking Able To Park 10 Cars (Attendee Car Pooling Recommended)

  • Facility Must Be Air-Conditioned For Summer Month Seminars

  • Wi-Fi High Speed 

  • Agreeing To Recruiting Like-Minded Individuals To Attend Seminars

  • Facility Is Allowed 2 Complimentary Seats At Seminars

  • Hosting Facility Receives An Invitation To Become A SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Regional Director A Compensated Position

  • Hosting Facility May Apply To Become A Dance Studio Union State Director A Compensated Position

  • Hosting Facility Is Paid A Rental Fee For 10 Hours

Host Facility Benefits

  • Dance Studio Union™ State Director

  • SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Regional Director

  • Dancers Against Hunger™ Charity Fundraiser Affiliation

  • Dance Unity Project™ Online Seller Partner

  • Licensed Use Of Our Logos Personal And Online

Host Facility Responsibilities


Ms. Davis needs the following information from you in order to schedule a clinic or workshop.


Travel: By Train or Air


Lodging: Closest Marriott Hotel/Holiday Inn Owned Property


A minimum of 15 to a maximum of 35 attendees is required per seminar in order for one to be held. All host facilities should be within a 25 mile radius of a major airport or Amtrak location, if possible.


If facillity host cannot pick Ms. Davis up at an Amtrak Station or closest airport an UBER/Lyft service is used. 


Host facilities agree to recruit attendees. Each host facility is allowed 2 COMPLIMENTARY seats not included in an overall attendee for all seminars. 

Once a seminar is approved, SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ will open the seminar to teachers to register. Please contact us is you do not see a date you would like to host. Seminars are available in the Spring of 2020 beginning February 29, 2020.

If you have questions about hosting and more requirements

please email DSBD