Teacher Training Certification Seminars-Student Workshops

EXPECTATIONS For Dance ™ Teacher Training Seminars

 Discount 2.12-3.12

$199 Per Attendee

15 Attendees Needed To Schedule A Seminar


SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™


Intramural Matches

Studio To Studio Meets

Fall-Spring Tournaments With Cash Awards

Our dance classroom model is patterned after the famed Intel Teach to the Future Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program for public educators creating a “backwards by design” approach to the dance classroom for private studios, scholastic dance team models and enrichment programs.


The EXPECTATIONS For Dance Education™ is an achievement, adjudication, and assessment tool for the global dance classroom. This seminar focuses on students grades 3 and up on the recreational-community-enrichment level who study up to 4 hours weekly.

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Summer Teacher Training Certification Seminars

June-July-August 2020

One Day Seminars With Additional Online Training

Weekdays Or Weekends Throughout The Continental USA

Become A SKILLS Sport-Dance Game

Regional Team Leader Or State Director

SKILLS Sport-Dance™ Compulsory Combination Instructor Certification

SKILLS Sport-Dance™ Adjudicator Certification

 Educator Training $249 Per Attendee

15 Paid Educator Registrations Necessary To Hold Clinic

Private Workshops $1500 Plus Travel Expenses

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Student SKILLS Compulsory Combination Workshop

$25 Per Dancer Attendee 

2020-2021 Module 1: Levels I-II

Open To Students In Grades 3-8


Student Montage Choreography™ Routine Clean-Up Class

Includes SKILLS Level 1 Compulsory Combos


Educator Fee Includes:

Dance Studio Union™ One-Year Subscription Membership

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Clinic-Workshop Schedule

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Teacher Training Certification Seminars Summer 2020

8:00 am               Educator Check-In Morning Refreshments

8:30 am To 11:30 am Informational Session

Topics Subject To Change


SKILLS Sport-Dance Game™ Certifications

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Elements Grades K-1-2

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Elements Grades 3-4-5

Turn-Jump-Flex SKILLS Compulsory Requirements

SKILLS Rubric Score System™

Complimentary Working Lunch

11:30 AM To 12:30 PM

Questions And Answers

12:30 PM - 3:30 PM Collaborative Dance Sessions

Working in small groups of 3-5 attendees and using the EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ SKILL Rubrics™, attendee teams create SKILLS Sport-Dance Game 30-second turn and jump compulsory combinations for Grades

K-1, 2-3, 4-5.

3:30 PM- 5:00 PM Team Montage Choreography™ Presentations

It's A Wrap Final Q&A

Montage Choreography™ 60-second creative routines using compulsory combinations.

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games TTS-Workshop With Student Workshop Schedule #1

8:30 am               Educator Registration

9:00 am               EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Module One: SKILLS Levels I-II

10:00 am             SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Adjudicator Level 1-2 Certification

11:00 am              SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Score System

12:00 pm             Working Lunch Included  ~ Coordinated With Clinic Host

12:30 pm             Student Registration (Limit 20 Students Advance Beginner-Intermediate Age 9-12)

1:00 pm               Student Turn & Jump Compulsory SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Combinations

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games TTS-Workshop With Student Workshop Schedule #2

8:30 am               Educator Registration

9:00 am               EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Module One: SKILLS Levels I-II With Rubrics

10:00 am             SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Score System

11:00 am             Working Lunch Included  ~ Coordinated With Clinic Host

12:00 pm             Student Registration (Advanced Beginner-Intermediate Age 9-12)

12:30 pm             Montage Choreography™ 2020 Season Routine Class 3 Hours

Summer Teacher Training Seminars:June-July-August

Clinics With Student Workshops Availability: 

Fall Season: August-September-October-November  

Winter Season: January-February-March

All Attendees Receive A Gift From BASTAR Makeup

2020-2021 Seminar-Workshop Hosting Reqirements

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