Educator Clinics-Student Workshops

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™


Intramural Matches

Studio To Studio Meets

Once A Year Tournament With Vendor Sponsored Cash Awards

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Fall Clinic Requests In November 1, 2019-December 14,2019

Winter Season: January 5, 2020-March 28, 2020

Weekends Throughout The Continental USA

Become A SKILLS Game Area Team Leader 

(Must Be A Member Of Dance Studio Union

Leader Compensation Package HERE)

SKILLS Sport-Dance™ Compulsory Combination Instructor Certification

SKILLS Sport-Dance™ Adjudicator Certification

 Educator Training $99 Per Attendee

10 Paid Educator Registrations Necessary To Hold Clinic

Private Workshops $1200 Plus Travel Expenses

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Student SKILLS Compulsory Combination Workshop

$25 Per Dancer Attendee 

2020-2021 Module 1: Levels I-II

Open To Students In Grades 3-8

Student Montage Choreography™ Routine Clean-Up Class

$35 Per Dancer Attendee

Includes SKILLS Level 1 Compulsory Combos


Educator Fee Includes:

Dance Studio Union Individual One-Year Subscription Membership


SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Clinic-Workshop Schedule

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Clinic-Workshop Schedule #1

8:30 am               Educator Registration

9:00 am               EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Module One: SKILLS Levels I-II

10:00 am             SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Adjudicator Level 1-2 Certification

11:00 am              SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Score System

12:00 pm             Lunch On Your Own Can Be On-Site If Coordinated With Clinic Host

12:30 pm             Student Registration (Limit 20 Students Advance Beginner-Intermediate Age 9-12)

1:00 pm               Student Turn & Jump Compulsory SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Combinations

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Clinic-Workshop Schedule #2

8:30 am               Educator Registration

9:00 am               EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Module One: SKILLS Levels I-II With Rubrics

10:00 am             SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Score System

11:00 am              Lunch On Your Own ~ Can Be On-Site If Coordinated With Clinic Host

12:00 pm             Student Registration (Advanced Beginner-Intermediate Age 9-12)

12:30 pm             Montage Choreography™ 2020 Season Routine Class 3 Hours

Clinics With Student Workshops Availability: 

Fall Season: October-November or Winter Season: February-March

Raffle For A Digital Prize, All Attendees Receive A Gift From BASTAR Makeup

2019-2020 Clinic-Workshop Hosting Reqirements

Host Facility Responsibilities

Travel: Ms. Davis prefers to travel by train via Amtrak but will FLY throughout the USA.


Lodging: Closest Marriott Hotel/Holiday Inn Owned Property To Clinic Location For Weekend Clinics-Workshops


Attendees: A minimum of 10 attendees is required per educator clinic. For facilities who wish a clinic to be held for only for their facility-program, a clinic is available, a flat rate applies for clinic only and does not include travel expenses inclusive of hotels and transportation.

There is a $250 deposit non-refundable fee upon approval of clinic hosting date by JDC via email, fully applied to overall travel costs.

Next Steps

Fill out our clinic request submission form or call us at 781-742-3173. Once submitted, we’ll review and contact your facility.

Our Registration Process Is Easy


Fill out the form HERE to let us know more about your facility location to HOST our program. Ms. Davis will contact you and provide a one-on-one consultation. A date is chosen by you and Ms. Davis.


Schedule of Payments & Information


Date Confirmation: Upon agreeing to the date the Jann Davis Company contacts you concerning the particulars of your clinic.  Please notify the Jann Davis Company of attendees' email addresses and we will direct them to the correct location for registration and payment for your requested date. 

Jann Davis Company Information:


Phone: 781-742-3173


Location: Canton, MA 02021

Office Hours: M-F 9am-4pm est

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