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SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™

A Uniquely Different Way To Achieve In Dance Education

For Studios, School, And After-School Program Dance Teams


Our Programs Offer:

In House Intramural Meets

Regional Dance Team To Dance Team Invitational Meets

Fall-Winter State Tournaments Based On Divisions

School Dance Teams Challenge Only School Dance Teams

Yearly Summer Student Camps 

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™

SKILLS is not another dance competition!

We are the leading national alternative to studio dance competitions; our focus is on learning not winning.

Our business centers attention on the secondary, but emerging dance studio market, the recreational-community-after school enrichment student, with programs designed to increase enrollment, engage current students, and deliver financial studio success.


The games are a unique type of dance event for dance teams only, judges credentialed by test to adjudicate, 3 sections of play, a rubric based score system, developed to present another format for students to be successful and achieve.

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games can be scheduled in 10-week sessions for facilities-programs. The first 10-weeks the students learn the compulsory turn-jump sections in their participating facilities-programs. The second 10-weeks the students can participate in intramurals within their facilities or meets with other facilities-programs in their regional areas. Meets are held in school gymnasiums. SKILLS is designed to be a year-round enrollment product for dance education.


SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Coaches Handbook Available At Summer Seminars


Events open only to teams. Complete "how to play" information is given at teacher training seminars-student workshops only. Rule specifics are listed below. SKILLS is played, similar to a sports games, in safe student friendly environments year-round. 


SKILL EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Score Rubrics

Rubics Are Discussed At Educator Clinics

Four Domains Of Dance:

  • Specific Turns

  • Specific Jumps

  • Flexibility Training

  • Performance Value


LEVELS I-VI Levels 1-2 ONLY In 2020

Advanced Beginner-Intermediate

  • 30-Second Compulsory Combination Elements 

  • 60-Second Creative Section Designed By Entering Facility-Program


  • Each student receives a participation rosette

  • Each team receives a placement plaque 4th to 1st

  • Each team receives either a bronze, silver, or gold PAID bid to our summer camp



3 Scholarships to Dance-A-Palooza (Summer 2021) with an option to teach


Entry fees are team not indivudual based and are affordable. 

$25 per student

Meet Admission Fees

Single Session:  $8.00 Per Adult-$5.00 Per Students Or Senior Citizen-children under age 6 are free

All Day Session: $10.00 Per Adult-$6.00 Per Students Or Senior Citizen-children under age 6 are free




Small 7-9 Members

Medium  10-14 Members

Large  15-20 Members



Primary:  PK To Grade 2

Intermediate:  Grade 3 To 5

Junior:  Grades 6 To 8

Senior:  Grades 9 To 12

No age averaging, Levels, Divisions, and Ages ONLY Compete In Event Head To Head challenges

​E.G. Level I, Division I, Intermediate Small Team Challenges A Level I, Division I, Intermediate Small Team



Meets One-Day Events Held On Saturdays

8:30 am to 5:30 pm


Date March 21, 2021

8:30 am to 12:30 pm

1:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Location Greater Boston Area College


How To Qualify For The Tournament

Enter TWO SKILLS Dance Meets Fall-Winter Terms

September 1, 2019 to February 1, 2021

Ask Us About Becoming A Regional  Or State Director Area Team Leader A Commissioned Position

Email For Specifics


Trophy Awards All Teams

  • Best Precision

  • Best Technique

  • Best Teamwork

  • Choreographic Excellence

  • Outstanding Coach-Instructor

and more


  • Student Focus Is On Achievement Not Winning

  • Affordable, Entry Fees Are  $25 Per Student

  • Team Uniforms Only In Colors Of Entering Facility Colors, NO EXPENSIVE COSTUMES

  • Training For ALL Faculty To Be Used In Classes Applies To Dance Subject Genre

  • Credentialed Adjudicators/Instructors

  • Participants May ONLY Be In Specific Grades

  • No Age Averaging

  • No Designations Based On Hours Of Weekly Classroom Training


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